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Working primarily at the national and regional levels, EMNCDA’s mission is to take an integrated, population health approach to influence policies and practices that will help prevent NCDs. EMNCDA has three inter- related functions – advocacy, capacity building and mobilizing knowledge for action


Create solutions that inspire action and build healthier lives, free of non-communicable diseases.

Views and Voices of People Living with NCDs in the Eastern Mediterranean Region : Consultation Report 

This consultation report provides, for the first time, a sampling of the views and challenges of PLWNCDs from 22 countries in the Region including various at-risk and marginalized population groups such as displaced populations, refugees and youth. Through an online consultation survey, a community conversation and  in-depth interview of PLWNCDs.

The report illustrates the challenges PLWNCDs face in accessing NCD services in the region and seeks to raise awareness of the specific needs of all PLWNCDs. It highlights the specific needs of displaced people and refugees living with NCDs, the importance of meaningfully involving PLWNCDs in decision-making processes and provides recommendations to supporting Governments in the Region to build a strong NCD response in their pursuit of Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals. 

This report was made possible thanks to the NCD Alliance support under its Our Views, Our Voices initiative and as part of its partnership with Novo Nordisk. The report was developed by the Eastern Mediterranean NCD Alliance through collaboration with number of regional civil societies and alliances  Warm thanks to the members of all these organizations for their contributions.


More Details about the report -Visit Publication Site


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