Board Members and supporters at the 2nd Planning meeting of EM-NCDA , Sharjah , December 2017



The growing burden of NCD in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, necessitate sustainable multispectral actions with strong engagement of the CSOs. Historically the work of the CSOs in the region is limited, not acknowledged, partly for the limited number of associations, weak structure and the strong resistance from the health professionals.

In line with global NCD development and the regional NCD agenda, we calls for a stronger need to create a regional entity capable for  scaling up the work of local CSOs and build their capacity for effective and stronger  role and engagement in NCD prevention and control, addressing the regional perspective and needs.

During the last two years, the EM-NCDA have been working widely with regional and global associations, advocating for higher political commitments for NCD, supporting NCD work on the ground, and highlight CSOs achievements in the region.

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