London Global Cancer Week Session Wednesday, 14 Nov 23

14:00-16:00 UK time http://LGCW

EM-NCDA Session Title Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Cancer Care for Universal Health Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Introduction: Cancer continues to be a significant global health challenge, with a particularly pronounced impact in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (           EMR). Despite advancements in cancer research and treatment, access to quality cancer care remains limited in many countries within the region. Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for cancer care is a crucial step toward ensuring that all individuals have access to essential cancer services without experiencing financial hardship. This session aims to address the urgent need to improve cancer care and promote UHC in the EMR.


    • Assessing the current state of cancer care in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

    • Identifying key obstacles to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for cancer care.

    • Sharing successful strategies and best practices in advancing cancer care and attaining UHC.

    • Developing actionable recommendations building upon the discussions and insights generated during the session

Conclusion: This session will provide a platform to address the pressing need for improved cancer care and the achievement of UHC in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. By bringing together experts, policymakers, and stakeholders, the session aims to foster collaboration, share best practices, and develop actionable recommendations that can catalyze positive change in cancer care delivery. Through collective efforts, we can bridge the gap and ensure that all individuals in the region have equitable access to quality cancer care, leading to improved health outcomes and enhanced overall well-being14